Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It's been a while since I've blogged. Do I have permission to say 'It's that time of the year'? You know — parties; shopping; chat over coffee; BBQs; running. My apologies in advance for absent comments on your blogs for the next few weeks. I'll still be reading, so keep writing!

We all have our preferred race distances. For many of my readers, it's the marathon. I like track races — from 800 to 5000 metres. Of those, my favourite these days would have to be the 3000 — short enough to need some speed, yet long enough to require endurance. In spite of my love of track, I've habitually run one long race during each of the past six years. It's Australia's major trail race — The Six Foot Track 45k 'Marathon'. If you have a spare 10 minutes, this video will give you some idea of why Six Foot is so popular.

The 2009 race was fully subscribed over a month prior to the March race weekend (there's an 850 runner limit). I arrived home from work on December 1 (online registration for the 2010 race opened at one minute after midnight), to find the race had 'sold out' by mid-morning. Six Foot had out-Bostoned the Boston Marathon for popularity! So I'm out. I'll have to console myself with frequent track racing for the remainder of the summer season and regular coffee talk-fests with friends after training.

I hope everyone has had fun with their year of running. Catch you all (if I'm fast enough) in January.

The swim leg is one of my favourite parts of Six Foot!Crossing the Cox's River in 2005

I finish this year in 6 hours 23 minutes!A low-five coming up in 2009. After 45k, am I permitted to be a heel-striker?


Anonymous said...

wannabe said:

I got very excited at being the first to comment.

Now I am here I find I have nothing to say.

I hope Santa leaves some of them fast twitchy things in your stocking.

TokyoRacer said...

So I guess it will just be speed, speed and more speed for you next year. Looking forward to hearing about some PBs.


Thanks for your entertaining blogging this year, Happy Christmas and New year drinking

Two Fruits said...

Always a pleasure to be around you Ewen, so much passion for a sport that occupies so much of our time. Hope 2010 is a good one for you, lesson from this year, enter races early.

jojo said...

ya gonna have to speed up if ya wanna catch me over the short stuff! over the longer, you still have my number, lucky we agreed on a 15, not a 3 ;)
and yes i love my running and will enjoy.same back at you :)

Sling Runner said...

Thanks for your helpful comment on my blog. Looking forward to hear you breaking some PBs in 2010.

Girl In Motion said...

First off, great photos! Second off, can't believe how fast that race sells out. I did see some of the video and had to laugh because
A)The commercial preceding it was for a dating service called Ashley Madison that is specifically for having a marital affair. and
B)Doesn't matter where on this immense planet you live, there will always be a racer in a pink tutu.

Have a great holiday season, Ewen. You'll be missed (who else will convert feet into meters for me?)

IHateToast said...

heel strikers are sexy.

Joe Garland said...


That seems like an awesome experience, but not one for me I don't think.

It's not unique to you guys. There's a 10K trail race in Westchester, the Leatherman's Loop, which I've never run (Video) about which I just got an email. In 2008 it sold out (900 field limit) in 32 days. Last year, 16 hours. This year, registration opens on-line at 12:01am on Jan. 1.

As you can see, neither race has anything in common with a 1500 on a Mondo track. Especially concerning Flo's comment about the pink tutu.

I don't know about closing-out races so quickly. It's something triathlons do. If I had to choose, I'd go with a lottery.

Relating to a prior comment I made about beaches in Australia, I thought of this classic song from Randy Newman.

A Facebook friend ..... said...

Maybe if you spent less time on Facebook you would be able to dedicate more time to your Blog ;-)

Ewen said...

Wannabe, if I had half your fast twitchy things I'd be happy.
Bob, if I'm racing weekly, I'm inclined to only have one other 'hard' (interval) session + a session of drills/short hills - as advised by Pete Magill. Not sure if that's enough speed - hopefully.

Rick, same to you. I'll think about your muddy, snowy runs while I'm enjoying one of our better ice-cold beers ;)
2F, that was a lesson well learned. You only fall down once (or twice if you're CJ).

Thanks Sling - I hope there are plenty of PBs for you too - especially the sub-3!
Thanks Flo - here's to many metres of good racing in 2010 - in temperatures of around 12 celsius ;)

IHateToast, thanks - I always wanted to be sexy ;)
Joe, I enjoyed that video - looks like a 'fun' race. At least with 6' there's no need to duct-tape one's shoes on!

FBF - you are so right! I'll have to get even with Strewth for getting me onto FB ;)

rinusrunning said...

Nice trail movie and a long run.
You run a good race and have a good cristmas time and see you in 2010.

Samurai Running said...

That's ashame you miss out this time Ewen. It has been a staple of yours.

It's going to be hard on the day of the race. I suggest you go down to lake BG and submerge those sticks of yours in the water just like the photo and to make it more real, take another plastic bag with toasted cheese sandwiches like you're carrying in that photo.

Do you know anyone who did get in?

Ali said...

Have a great Christmas Ewen!

Thomas said...

Sorry about that. A lot of races are filling faster than ever before, but that's exceptionally fast!

Unknown said...

Great vid Ewen. I've had this race in the back of my mind for many years and hope to do it one day. But crikey, if you can't even get a gig then it hardly sees fair for johnny-come-latelys to be let in. Sorry you won't be on the start line next year. Have a great Christmas, chat to you on the other side. Cheers, Paul

jen said...

Too bad you didn't get in! It's crazy how fast some races sell out these days.

Happy holidays to you Ewen!

Love2Run said...

Jeepers, where do you sign up? I for one would love to do that and would have no difficulty in persuading a certain person to come along to spectate. Have a great holiday and enjoy a cold one on me. They are all frozen solid here!

Jog Blog said...

Bummer that you missed out on 6ft Ewen. Look on the bright side ..... all of us who have done it before and are in for 2010 know that by about 40km we'll all be wishing you were in and we were out! The other bright side is .... there's always 2011. Have a fab "festive" season. See you on the trails over summer.

Ewen said...

Jojo, I forgot to say my 1500 is going to be fast now that I'm not climbing mountains. Watch out!

Thanks Rinus. You have a good one too - all the best with your marathons and ultras in 2010.
Scott, good idea! But I'll take a bag with vegemite sandwiches - they're a staple of salt-starved ultra runners ;)

Thanks Ali. Build a snowman for me :)
Yes, I know Thomas - and I want to run Boston one day!

Paul, you should do it one day - you'd nail the swim legs ;)
Thanks Jen. Happy holidays to you and Zach too. I'll be thinking of that Portland snow tumbling down on Christmas day.

You sign up here Mike - www.sixfoot.com I'll have one for you while you're munching on frozen chocolate balls.
That's funny Jog. I'm always wishing I was out and you were in by about 28k! See you on the trails :)

Anonymous said...

It is a shame about 6 foot, but an amazing statement about the current state of the running community. Of course your blog (like many others) has contributed to this healthy state. I have really enjoyed following your blog during the past year. I look forward to next year's exploits - and I hope a few PB's, especially that 3000m target.

trailblazer777 said...

thanks heaps for the video link Ewen, was awesome to watch that...

I too thought about putting in an entry for 6 foot, but the best things in life, often have only a few opportunities to get them...commiserations...obviously its a race you have had a lot to do with...have a lot of memories...well there is always 2011...we shall have to make sure we are one of the 850 privleged few next time...I also was surprised how quick the spots went...I thought they would last at least a couple of days, not a couple of hours...you could also pay 6 inch a visit one day too...Many thanks for your comments this year! Happy Christmas time, and all the best for 2010!

Giorgio said...

Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and the happiest and most prosperous of New Years

Runner Susan said...

Heel strikers got it going on! Great photos, Ewen!!! And many Happy Pavement Worshiping days to you in 2010. You're the best blogger and commenter out there!