Thursday, August 11, 2022

Running faster

2022 is turning out to be a good year for running. I've entered a new age-group, the 65-69s, which means a new pack of runners to race on the track and at parkruns (although we all know that "parkrun is not a race!"). In recent years I've concluded that if I can finish in the same times as the previous year, that counts as improvement. Physical decline as one ages through the pensioner years is real!

I've raced two 'peak' 5k races this year (and plenty of low-key events). Both have been improvements on the same races in 2021. Back on January 8 was the Athletics ACT Stromlo 5k road race in which I placed 41st from 50 in 26:13, an improvement of 2 seconds from 2021. I had the incentive of racing my mate Jim and a few other Masters runners. On July 23 was the annual Runners Shop 5k held on an out/back course beside the Monlonglo River. I was very motivated to run under 26 minutes (my goal for this year). I had Jim for company early, then caught and passed a lady around 1.5k. For the rest of the race there was a gap of around 150 metres to another lady which I couldn't close. I could hear the steps of a man from behind in the final kilometre. When he kicked past I couldn't stick with him, finishing 12 seconds back in 20th from 29 runners. My time of 25:33 was very pleasing, faster than the 26:15 I ran in 2021.

For the second race, new shoes contributed quite a bit to the improved time, new Nike Alphafly racers being a faster shoe than the Nike Pegasus Turbos I normally use. Still, I'm running faster than last year, which is quite exciting. The hands of time can't be stopped but they can be slowed! Consistency in training is making a difference this year. I'm hoping to continue that trend into 2023.

Training with the Speedygeese at Parliamant House