Friday, February 05, 2016

So much energy! All due to the Vegan diet?

I'm loving this plant-eating gig — except for one thing — my energy levels are so high that I'm finding myself doing crazy atypical stuff. Like vacuuming and dish washing and folding up clothes.

I'm also losing my appetite for sweets and cheese. Weird! I'm finding myself drooling over a big plate of apricots, or dates, or bananas, or watermelon. Anything but cheese and biscuits. Becoming too light is a bit of a concern — 72 kg is still in the "normal BMI" range for my height but I'm starting to feel too light. Carbohydrates are my friend but I must be just burning them up.

My training is going along nicely. I have to crack the whip to stop myself from doing mega-long rides. When I'm on the bike I just want to go all day (sore arse notwithstanding). But I need to allow time in my schedule to do other stuff (like cleaning bicycles and mowing grass). Have I mentioned that I don't know how I managed to find the time to be a wage slave?

Vitamin B12 supplementation is needed when you stop eating meat. Protein from golden peas, perhaps not. But it doesn't taste too bad, so why not?