Sunday, April 22, 2012

A 10k PB of sorts

My running is going well. I haven't raced since the 5000 but have enjoyed a couple of particularly encouraging training runs. I think I may have jumped off a plateau (the 22-minute 5k plateau) to a slightly higher level of fitness. There were two runs in particular over the last fortnight that gave me cause for excitement. On the 11th of April I ran a 10k bike path course in 53:18 for an aerobic cost of 688 heart-beats per km. Then this past Wednesday I ran my 'School 10' course at 696 heart-beats per km, which was a personal best for this course (I hadn't been under 700 before).

Apart from the pleasing HR/pace data, on many outings my running is feeling good. When running I sense some springiness in the legs and am 'doing it easy' more often than not. Following Bob's advice in a comment on my last post, I ventured out to Stromlo Forest Park this morning and ran 3 x 1000m with 1k jog recoveries. The times weren't particularly flash (4:40, 4:37 and 4:28), but I felt like I was holding back a lot and running comfortably (my HR only got up to 153 on the last repeat). So I'm looking forward to my next serious race — not sure when that will be — perhaps a track 3000 at the first High Noon meeting in May.

For training, I've been running with the following pattern: Monday 8k, Tues 15k, Weds 8k, Thurs 15k, Fri 8k, Sat 15k, Sun 15k for a total of 84k per week. Effort-wise, I start each run with the intention of running at a 'good' pace (if the legs and energy levels are agreeable), which turns out to be around 80% of HR maximum or a pace of between 5:20 and 5:40 per kilometre. My overall weekly average pace would be a good bit quicker than it was a year or two ago. I'm trying to run with a springy quick stride, which I think is helping to (slowly) build some leg-strength. I'm watching the London Marathon at the moment and hoping Marty Dent can run the 2:12 he needs to qualify for the Olympics.

Some geese near the riverAbi took this photo of us during our long run beside the Molonglo River