Sunday, April 22, 2007


On Thursday, April 26, I turn fifty. I was supposed to be born on Anzac Day (April 25), but mum was slow. Yes, I missed the start, and I've been slow ever since.

I haven't been looking forward to fifty. It's so bloody old! In my mind, I still feel like I'm in my thirties, but my running says otherwise. I ran my last good 10k when I was forty – 38:51 in the Canberra Times Fun Run. Despite this, I remain the eternal optimist, and still enjoy running, training, and racing, albeit at a slower pace.

Last weekend we had the Canberra Marathon, in future to be known, thanks to Katy, as the Divine Bovine Cow-anberra. I had a ball watching the race, as well as catching up with so many CoolRunners and Bloggers. There were some brilliant performances and a few hard luck stories. I shouldn't single any out, but Eddie's 3:14:55 PB at 55 was something special and inspirational, as was Tesso's smiling 50k and Dave's first time under 2:30.

This blog is about running. The title says 'About a Ewen', but reading it doesn't tell you much about me, except the running part. If you read between the lines, you can probably work out I have a sense of humour. I'm a wage slave, and have to work more nine and ten hour days than I like. The overtime has enabled me to buy a house in the 'burbs and put a GSX1400 in the garage. I like that bike. It's so fast! Although friends, such as Joy, have been trying for years to line me up with a young heiress, I remain single. In this regard, I'm also an optimist.