Saturday, July 23, 2011

Running in America

I'm free to write this arvo as we're at home in our Guest House (just off the upper east side of Central Park), enjoying the air-conditioning on this, the hottest July 22 day in NYC history.

I've been keeping the running going — generally, daily runs of 5 to 10k in the MAF heart-rate zone (tempo runs if you wish). For the first few days in Washington DC it was stinking hot, so I ran on the hotel treadmill. I've changed my opinion about treadmills — they're excellent tools for neuromuscular conditioning; learning to run with good form at a particular pace. Movement must stay the same at a steady speed if one wishes to stay on the treadmill! They're also boring for anything longer than a 5k run!

We're now on our last day in NYC (after a busy week here). I've been enjoying the city (and the running in Central Park most mornings). I was also taken on a tour of Roosevelt Island and the 59th Street Bridge by TK one morning. The 59th is her bridge! Really enjoyed that — her company and the views of Manhattan over the East River. On our first full day in New York we got to meet upover bloggers Flo, Julie and Joe (plus non-bloggers Jonathan and Heather). Julie wrote a great story about it, as did Flo. Thanks! You've saved me some work there.

We're off to Boston tomorrow (escaping the record heat of New York). Will blog again when I get a chance. I also have some video footage of running with TK and in Central Park... which needs careful editing.

A Few Good looking bloggers
Meeting my good up-over mates at Ditch Plains

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Waving the flag: red, white, and blue

I'm excited! Two things: a couple of runs this week harked back to my 2008 (M50 PBs) fitness levels, and pretty soon I'll be downing a few Old Speckled Hens with upover mates Joe, Flo, Julie, and TK in NYC.

With the running, I'm still striving to perfect my 'both feet in the air' style of movement. As can be seen in the latest photo from the Vets' West Stromlo race (brilliantly timed again by John Kennedy), I have work to do. My head is down, spotting the landing. I need to look up and run tall!

About those two training runs this past week... I ran my 10k course in 53:36 with an average HR of 130. This works out at 697 heart-beats per kilometre, the easiest my heart has been working on such a run for a very long time. That was Tuesday's run. On Thursday I ran my 8k course pretty much exactly the same as I did in 2008, the day before I ran 12:16 for 3000 on the track. The 8k was run in 42:24 with an AHR of 130. In 2008 I ran the 8k in 42:31 with an AHR of 130! So, I'm fit (for 5k racing at least). My first session of hill repeats on Wednesday (5 x 400m) were revealing in that my legs have quite some way to go in terms of gaining strength and speed.

It ain't me, it ain't me, I'm a fortunate one. For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out, at the old ball game!

Run tall Ewen, run tall!Running with two feet in the air - no joke!