Saturday, April 30, 2005

Runners make good Bloggers

Running is an individual sport but most runners these days enjoy the support and encouragement offered by group training. Some of these groups are 'real' and some are 'virtual'. I'm a member of the CR Bloggers family which is a 'virtual' group of individual runners who keep blogs.

I also run with a few 'real' groups in Canberra. They are all important to me and I enjoy the social as well as training benefits my groups provide. One is Geoff Moore's School of Running which I usually get to on Monday nights. Another is the Graeme Small/Cotter group which I like for 6ft training and social Wednesday runs. I also run with Garry when he's in marathon training mode.

The Calwell grass track is usually where I can be found on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. This is Mike's group - it's mainly for teenage middle distance runners with a few sprinters, a parent and a movement therapist thrown in for good measure. One of these teenagers came back from the Australian Little A's championships with a silver medal.

This girl began the season as a 5:35 1500m runner and last Saturday morning ran 4:50.86 to win the silver medal! The funny thing is, she's a better 800m runner. The 800m race was held on Saturday afternoon and she was feeling a little tired. We know she will run something very special for 800 metres later this year.

I think runners make good bloggers because blogging is also an individual sport. We do it for our own satisfaction. We don't blog to please our 'readership', our peer group, our friends or our parents.


Blogger plu said...


Well written and thoughtful blog.


10:47 pm  
Blogger Luckylegs said...

Let's see what happens when we mess around with the last paragraph...& wise words they are, Wombat! (Yours that is!)

"I think bloggers make good runners because running is also an individual sport. We do it for our own satisfaction. We don't run to please our spectators, our peer group, our friends or our parents."
Reworked by the Chickybabe Blogger!

8:20 pm  
Blogger Luckylegs said...

It's about time you got back to more important chores like bringing this blog up to date! What can Chickybabe comment on if there's nothing new here??

6:40 pm  

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