Sunday, April 03, 2005

I must work out a ‘Plan B’

It was T-shirt weather when I stepped out the door this morning. This was a planned rest day. I rode the 1400 in to watch the Women and Girl's Fun Run. It was quite warm and the wind picked up right on queue at 9am. The girls had to contend with a head-wind for the last 2km of the run.

The winner of the fun run was Emily Pluck from SCT. She out-sprinted veteran Joy Terry in the last 400m to run 17:58. The course may have been slightly longer than 5km as it had to detour around some new garden beds.

After the presentations I rode over to Joy and Mal's. The wind was really strong now – blowing leaves and twigs all over the road. You would not have wanted to be running a marathon or 50k in these conditions! I'm hoping the weather will return to normal by next Sunday.

I've dug up the times of the marathons I've run since starting running in October 1979. Yes, I've only finished six of them.

Canberra       3:41:14  1981

Air NZ NSW     3:28:28  1981

Canberra       DNF      1985

Canberra       3:11:02  1992

Canberra       3:54:23  2001

Alice Springs  4:11:07  2002

Canberra       4:09:02  2004

I think 'Plan B' in the event of bad conditions will be to forget the 3:45 and aim for a sub-4 hour time. That would be a good trend! This time next week it will be consigned to history and I'll be thinking about the next race.


Blogger Carolyne said...

Good to have some (sort of) confirmation that it wasn't an easy 5k - I think most would have been disappointed with their times even if they felt they had a good run. Aki should take note!

Thanks for your help and support with my blog ~ I was altering the template when our (temporary) dial-up connection crashed.

I like your "Plan B" with 800+ starters I think that you'll find plenty of company, maybe, maybe even me if I stay well until then!

Good Luck!

7:16 pm  

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