Sunday, January 11, 2015

4th place at the Bowral Parkrun

Yesterday I raced the Bowral 5k Parkrun in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW. Seven runners from Canberra made the trip — Jim (driving), myself and Bryan leaving at 5AM for the 2-hour journey to Bowral. We'd had a lot of rain on the Friday and overnight but thankfully the day remained overcast and mild. In the carpark of the Briars Country Lodge and Inn (run venue) we met the famous Norma Wallett (W85) as well as Ruth and Marg, having already surveyed the notorious damp grassy 500 metre finish hill.

At the start, Jim took off like a man on a mission to break the M65 course record, vying for the lead of the race down the grassy slope towards the bikepath by the river. 'Go Jim!' I thought, 'he can't last at that pace!' I settled into a smooth rhythm once on the bikepath, running in step with a young girl for quite a while. Jim was a good 150 metres ahead, but starting to fall back through the field. I caught up to Jim well before the turn on the out/back course and then tried to catch other runners. Ran with a young bloke in a black shirt for quite a while (Luke I see from the results). On the run back towards the grassy hill we were slowly catching the first lady (Lorraine). Half way up the hill I overtook Luke, then Lorraine with a 'sprint' over the last 100 metres. 4th place! 24:13 was my time (ave HR 143), but the course was considerably harder than the Tuggeranong Parkrun!

Others in our group ran very well — Norma's time of 35:20 was just outside her W85 course record; Marg broke the W65 record; Bryan the M70 record and Ruth was within shouting distance of the W60 record. Before driving back to Canberra we celebrated with breakfast at Maccas in Mittagong.

I'm happy with how 2015 has kicked off. The previous week I ran 23:23 at the Tuggeranong Parkrun on a warm, humid morning. My running goal this year remains the same — to race 'a good 5k'. Yesterday was a good 5k, but the finishing time was less than good! I'm confident of running under 23 minutes soon, but the ultimate goal of a sub-22 Parkrun "isn't meant to be easy!" as my old running mate Malcolm Fraser once said. I'm very much looking forward to enjoying the process of trying to achieve that goal. After all, that's what it's all about.

 Jim finishing the Bowral Parkrun!
The amazing Norma Wallett races up the grassy finish hill at the Bowral Parkrun
Happy Canberra group after the Bowral Parkrun


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done Ewen! You all did a good run on, what looks like (and sounds like..), a difficult course! You must try the Shellharbour parkrun next! [Miranda]

6:48 pm  
Blogger Ewen said...

Thanks Miranda. Great idea! Think I'll become a Parkrun tourist :) We have unfinished business at Bowral though ;)

9:10 pm  
Blogger Janene said...

Well done on your 4th place! Maybe you should move to Bowral and become an elite runner ;-) Great start to 2015

9:32 pm  
Blogger strewth said...

It was a great day Ewen and such fun with all of us there. We'll definitely have to repeat the experience!

10:10 pm  
Blogger Ewen said...

Thanks Janene - yes, I'd be a top ranked 5k runner if I moved to Bowral :)

Strewth, for sure. There are more Bowral age-group records to be plundered!

3:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done. It looks a delightful course despite the uphill finish. Good luck in the quest or the sub 22

3:16 am  
Blogger Ewen said...

Thanks Canute. Yes, it was delightful - lovely views on the bikepath section as well.

3:45 pm  
Blogger LL's BLOG said...

You must all return soon!

9:31 pm  
Blogger Mark Watson said...

I've got a feeling this is going to be a great year for you Ewen. Maybe that bike work is paying off after all. 4th place does sound very cool. Well done mate.

10:36 pm  
Blogger Ewen said...

We will Luckylegs - it was a fun day!

Mark, I can feel that the cycling is paying off. Haven't run the races I expect to just yet, but excited for 2015 nonetheless.

5:52 pm  
Blogger Grellan said...

Just a few short seconds off the podium Ewen. Certainly a great race and beautiful looking course.

8:25 am  
Anonymous Norma said...

Where is your "running" blog for 2015? I can't find it or haven't you run at all this year?!

6:54 pm  
Blogger Shane Lewis said...

Nice run Ewen, it looks like a scenic course. I always find that the most aesthetically pleasing courses are the toughest ones. I like your goals for the year, to be pleased with a race is a good approach, however it would be cool if you get that sub 22.

9:49 pm  
Blogger Ewen said...

Grellan, doubt I'll get another chance to make a Parkrun podium! A bit like 4th at the Olympics ;-)

Norma, there's a link on the right side of the webpage '2015 Training Diary' - yes I have run this year ;-)

Thanks Shane. I thought I was looking at an Irish countryside on that hill. Quite soothing for the soul.

10:02 pm  
Blogger Black Knight said...

Good finishing time for a difficult race and congrats on the 4th place. Here there are not races on the grass but the Edinburgh Parkrun .... is waiting for me.

4:24 am  
Blogger Ewen said...

Thankfully only about 1k in total was on grass Stefano! You'll love the Edinburgh Parkrun so much you may emigrate to Scotland ;-)

5:03 pm  
Blogger Raina R. said...

Great job, Ewen!! You've been doing well.. and that is some lovely GREEN grass you have there to run on. We don't have to many races that have any part of the run on grass here.

5:57 pm  
Blogger Jog Blog said...

Your running is off to a great start for 2015 Ewen! The only thing that is missing is post long run coffee on Saturdays. Let's organise :). Next Saturday perhaps??

9:12 pm  

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