Thursday, September 04, 2008

300s and the 3000 metres

I'm sorry if I bamboozled some readers with a surplus of numbers in my last post. I'm prone to an obsession with numbers — is this obsession stranger than my buddy Susan's fascination with torture and closets? Another blogging friend (and fast marathoner), Bill, commented that I appear to be attempting some reverse-aging sort of thing. Ah Bill, if only that were possible!

I'm blessed in that all my runs these days feel exactly the same as they did 20 or more years ago. Every single one! The long runs, the tempo runs, the track sessions, the easy runs, the races, the dawdle through the bush runs, the run 'til you drop then crawl home runs. They all feel exactly the same, and I love every one of them! The only difference these days is the numbers. Give me feeling over numbers anytime!

Two decades ago I was a Sydneyite and habitually ran track sessions on the exquisite grass that is Rotary Field, Chatswood. My favourite session was "300s". I liked the simplicity — simple is as simple does. I ran 300 metres of the 400 metre track fast, then walked 100 metres to recover, repeating this ten times. I'd start a fast 300 every 2 minutes, which gave me a little over a minute for the 100 metre recovery walk.

Another thing I liked about this session, is that it gave a fairly accurate indication of what time I might run for a 3000 metre race. If the total time of my ten 300s added up to 9 minutes (54 seconds for each 300), I could expect to race 3000 metres in around 10 minutes. So I'm running 300s again.

I've produced a table which predicts my 3000 metre race time from a session of 10 x 300 metre repeats. Try a session of ten 300s if you like and let me know how you go. Don't cheat on the recovery time! The formula I've used to calculate the recovery time is '300 time x 1.222 = recovery time' (54 seconds x 1.222 = 66 seconds). The formula for the 3000 metre race time is '300 time in seconds x 0.185185 = 3000 metre time in minutes' (54 seconds x 0.185185 = 10 minutes).

10 x 300m predicts 3000m race time
300m timeKm paceMile paceRecovery3000m race

Sunset over Lake Burley Griffin from the BoathouseSunset over Lake Burley Griffin from the Boathouse — 3 September 2008


Blogger Runner Susan said...

A prediction table? Is that anything like a crystal ball? If so, then I think I need one.

12:26 am  
Blogger Tesso said...

I like it! Can't wait to see you you go. Might even give it a shot myself.

Hey, we can call it Ewen 300s (as in Yasso 800s).

8:36 am  
Blogger strewth said...

Good explanation! And the photo turned out really well.

3:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wannabecoach said.

The definition of ambition: The first 300 in a 1500.

The definition of realism: The last 300 in a 1500.

9:57 pm  
Blogger Thomas said...

School starts in September, because in the entire civilized world school starts in September!

And the wish for afternoon races has occurred to me as well.

12:01 am  
Blogger Grellan said...

Now that it's all down in figures the 11:07 looks very challenging indeed.

I'd like to try the Ewen 300's but as I'm training for a marathon I should give the Yasso 800's a go first - but I don't think I will - speed scare me.

3:34 am  
Blogger Jason said...

oooh numbers... I love numbers.

But I am with you on the feel. You have feel running to experience running.

11:20 am  
Blogger iliketoast said...

King Leonidas and a force of 300 fought the Persians at Thermopylae in 480 BC. King Ewen reenacted this in 2008 AD. Both were grueling or so I hear.

7:44 pm  
Blogger Scott Brown said...

300s?? "this is madness!!" "This is Sparta!!!"

6:19 pm  
Blogger Rob said...

It's almost tempting to try it Ewen. You almost make it sound almost enjoyable.

9:37 pm  
Blogger Robert Song said...

I am glad there is someone else as fascinated by numbers as me. Gives you something to do when your not running I reckon.

If I ever get around to a speed phase I'll give the Ewen 300s a go.

9:56 pm  
Blogger speedygeoff said...

C'mon now, who's really read every word/number in this post? (Other than Ewen, smarty!)
Thursday group has been doing "Ewen 300s" for years! We are going to do them this Thursday!

Ten, you reckon.

10:02 pm  
Blogger jojo said...

okay-so by that i suck at 3kms(lol-well actually i kinda do :( a virtual race then you reckon-you called it -so BRING it!!!!!...
we'd better make it 800 or 1500 then i guess-and if its equal-itll hafta be the 400 :)
so is it a .//by the end of the season thing..or a this is the weekend thing!!!! you can answer on my blog :) im just finishing c/c so it needs to be at least 2months away

10:29 pm  
Blogger Non-Runner Nancy said...

Any friend of Bill's is a friend of mine! Hello!

I'm not so speedy or technical but I do love to run and I do love a good table or spreadsheet. Maybe I'll have to hit the track again this week.

5:09 am  
Blogger Bruce said...

You're on, I'll even offer you 5 1/2 points start. Winner gets to pick the beer though!

7:15 pm  
Blogger Scott Brown said...

I just noticed that you used the word "bamboozled" in your last blog post and wanted to thank you as without the likes of you words such as this would fade from use never to be known by the younger generation.

10:00 am  
Anonymous IHateToast said...

bimbo oogled?

see, my problem (yes, my one and only) is that i don't know where to measure these. i have no track and don't want to drive to it. i'd like to try them. at least i have usain's dance down even if i can't run fast.

12:13 pm  
Blogger trailblazer777 said...

The Ewen 300's...
Well I'll have to give that a go, if I decide to run track again...
interesting...pretty detailed. Nice sunset photo too...

6:09 am  

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