Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Grand Canyon

This time next week I'll basking under a summer sun in the city of angels with my mate Mal and his wife Joy. We're starting our tour of the western United States with two days at Disneyland, as it's been Joy's dream since childhood to get dizzy on the 'cup and saucer' ride!

After 6 nights in LA we're flying up to Vancouver BC, staying at the Buchan Hotel. Bruce reckons it's a 'buchan good place' and he's right, as it's within easy walking distance of Denman Street and Stanley Park.

We're hoping for goof weather so we can catch the train up to Whistler on one of our 5 days in Canada. We then bid farewell to English Bay before hopping a bus down to Portland, Oregon. This is where we hire a Chevy Impala for the rest of our holiday. It's a short drive down to Joe and Deb's place outside Philomath where we're staying for 3 nights at the Aboriginal Embassy, Oregon annexe. Joe is one of the best running coaches in the Pacific Northwest and he rates Percy Cerutty as his biggest influence.

From Joe's we head down the coast via the Redwood forests to San Francisco. We'll bust a few myths in this city before driving out to Yosemite National Park. Maybe I'll get to run with the bears? After a one night stay, we have a long drive to Las Vegas (Joy was keen to stay in a swanky place so she chose the Aladdin Hotel). With a bit of luck we'll win back a few US dollars.

We then drive to the Grand Canyon, staying at a lodge within the park on the north rim. The next stop after some photos of Route 66 is Flagstaff, Arizona, then it's over to San Diego. Here we spend 2 nights including the fourth of July before returning to LA for the flight home.

All this travel means my blogging and blog visiting will have to be curtailed. I'm having withdrawal symptoms already! I'll try and keep my running diary up to date while we're in various libraries checking emails. Good luck to all who are racing at the Gold Coast and anywhere else in Australia over the next 6 weeks. I can't wait to read all about it!


Blogger allrounder said...

sounds like you've planned a great trip - the cup & saucer is great fun (you only spin as fast as YOU want to go)! enjoy!

2:58 pm  
Blogger Tesso said...

Ok, it worked. We are all jealous!!!

Wow, what a trip. I take it you have checked out race calendars over there.

5:13 pm  
Blogger Wobbly man said...

Have a great trip Ewen!! I hope LL has a program that is long enough to get her through your overseas jaunt. Not going to Victoria while in BC? If you have time, its a great place to visit too.

5:47 pm  
Blogger blkbox said...

Have a great time Ewen, I have been to Portland - it rains 300 days a year there, so lets hope you strike it lucky and are there on some the 65 it doesn't. It rained each and every time I went.

6:22 pm  
Blogger Stu said...

Great stuff Ewen, I hope you have a great time and get to enjoy some runs in some nice places.


8:37 pm  
Blogger Robert Song said...

Sounds like a great trip. Have a great time.

I hope you are getting a relief teacher in to mark LL's report card while your away.

10:14 pm  
Blogger Hilda said...

That sounds like an amazing time!! Great you can share with friends... now I am just thinking, Ewen in America?? Well, if you have a chance please let me know and come to visit!!

Thanks for all your comments in my blog, they are priceless! You are my on line coach !

6:03 am  
Anonymous wannabecoach said...

After 2 years of carefully reading your blog I have finally found a typo. I am satisfied now.

Hope you have "goof" weather. Enjoy yourself. Give my regards to Joe.

12:34 pm  
Blogger plu said...

Have a great trip I love that area of the word. Mind you it is the only place I have been too!


1:24 pm  
Blogger Spark Driver said...

Sounds awesome. Have a great trip. I look forward to reading how you cleaned out Vegas on your return.

4:44 pm  
Blogger Luckylegs said...

"Goof" is the most recent & in-joke version of the spelling of "good"!! No typo errors in this blog.... ever!!!

Have a 'goof' holiday & I'll try to be 'goof' while you're away!

5:24 pm  
Blogger Speedy Goose said...

Wow ET, you lucky Goose - have a great time and stay motivated for that 5000m training - we have some racing to do when you get home :o)

Oh my gawd - you are going to miss the end of Survivor!

Cancel your holiday, you can't go!

6:09 pm  
Blogger Ewen said...

SG, I'll be so fast when I return you'll need extra wide elbows. Go Terry!

AR, I'll be spinning slowly as I hate falling down.

Tesso, I'm not sure if I'm permitted to race - I'll have to ask 'she who must be obeyed' (Joy).

Wobbly, we visited Victoria last trip and loved it... a beautiful city.

As long as it doesn't rain in Vancouver BB! We're only in Portland for one night.

Robert, I'll be marking CB via emails as any Aki-type relief teachers would be way too soft.

Hilda, I'd love to visit but I think the closest we're getting is a day trip to Mexico from San Diego.

Wannabe, I forgot to put you up there with Percy as one of Joe's idols. He always said you were a goof coach.

9:41 pm  
Blogger Gronk said...

Take care and fly safe Ewen !

2:01 pm  
Blogger Luckylegs said...

....and hurry back!

4:55 pm  
Blogger strewth said...

"Basking under a summer sun..." - aaaah how blissful does that sound on a wet wet Canberra winter's day. Have an absolutely fantastic time and don't forget the camera!! (oh and the running shoes - lol)

7:26 pm  
Blogger Rachel said...

Yep, that all sounds awesome and all I'll be doing is going to the Gold Coast. And not even for the half marathon, I'll be a week too late. Damn.
Have fun!!!

9:09 pm  
Blogger Superflake said...

Rocky Mountain Railroad and Space Mountain are my favourites plus Pirates of the Carribean. Yosemnite was fantastic when I went there but in January. So no bears just a fair bit of snow. Awesome photos.

10:19 pm  
Blogger Sarah said...

My emails sarah @ andrew.net.au (without the spaces though obviously), drop me an email if you want recommendations of things to do in Seattle, on the drive down to San Francisco, or things to do in and around San Francisco. We're not far from San Fran, so may even be able to meet you one day for some sightseeing!!

Hope you have a ball :)

4:51 am  
Blogger CJ said...

I know you've probably heard this ad nauseum now - but enjoy that goof weather! Have a wonderful time o/s - it sounds great.

12:51 pm  
Blogger Luckylegs said...

I want to have the last comment!
"Goof luck & goofbye"!!

4:40 pm  
Blogger Tuggeranong Don said...

Wundabar Ewen! What a trip. Travel safely and take care. It will be just great to read your reports of the trip whenever they come in. Chevy Impala..drove one of those things when I was in the States last year. The "hand" brake is actually a "foot" brake - an interesting reversal of the senses!

8:22 pm  
Blogger Luckylegs said...

See you tomorrow & will have scones, strawberry jam & cream ready.

Goof night!

8:35 pm  
Blogger BeanieBum said...

Well colour me green and call me jealous! Sounds like one amazing trip, and your blog photo is going to have to be replaced with one just after you get off the Cup & Saucer :)

Have a wonderful time and don't miss the cold weather too much!

8:26 pm  
Blogger R2B said...

Have an awesome time Ewen!
I am green also!

3:40 pm  

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