Saturday, March 05, 2005

Making molehills into mountains

By this time next week it will all be over for another year. How will I be feeling? Shattered? Satisfied? Thinking about next year’s run already? I’ll let you all know a few days later!

This morning we three 6-footers ran our last ‘long’ run together. It was a measly 16.3k lap around Mount Ainslie. Almost billiard table flat compared to previous Saturday morning runs. We just chatted all the way while running comfortably which turned out to be 5:55 per kilometre. Carol got a bit frisky one time when we were passed by a female runner – she is so competitive! It’s easy to see how she managed to run an incredible 189 kilometres in 24 hours. Steve’s achilles' were still playing up which he put down to recent unaccustomed speedwork and track racing.

The run was very enjoyable and for once when I got home I didn't want to crawl into my wombat hole and sleep for 2 hours – funny that. I was curious about comparing the run we did last Saturday with the 6 foot track and the famous Quarry Road course. I got the profile of the 6 foot from the website and overlayed my GPS data from last Saturday and Action’s 3 lap profile of Quarry Road. The same elevations are used on all three profiles and they are all at the same scale. This the result:

What it shows is that the hills at 6 foot are bloody long and bloody big! Our run up Mt Majura last Sunday was similar to the run up to the Mini-Mini Saddle on the 6 foot track. I’m thinking that next year we need to throw in another run over Mount Majura to get something vaguely similar to the difficulty of the 6 foot.

Anyway, it’s too late to do anything about it now! The training’s done and I can enjoy a guilty week of tapering.


Blogger plu said...


I finally got to your blog after reading all night!

It is a nice feeling to have that long run "easy". I love the cross section you have done. I ran Quarry Road today and it is interesting to see the different places people go to to simulate 6foot.

See you next week. I cannot wait.



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