Tuesday, February 22, 2005

One Perfect Day...

I'll be out running… Something is calling me…

As I was running last Wednesday I kept thinking to myself 'this is why I run'. I had started in the late afternoon to run with Graeme's group on their usual 9km loop out to Weston Park. There were only four of us ― Graeme, Chris, Elizabeth and myself as we started out on the lovely secluded bush run up over the ridge of Stirling Hills. We could have been on any bush track in Australia yet we were less than 5 kilometres from the city centre.

We arrived back at Lotus Bay and after a short chat I continued on alone as I’d planned to run 20 kilometres or more that day. I ran over Commonwealth Bridge then turned east on the gravel path by the lake’s edge. One or two people were still picnicking on the grass; some were walking and a few running.

I ran under Kings Avenue Bridge and suddenly found myself far away from the maddening crowds. The calm dry afternoon heat was an hour behind me, now replaced by a zephyr of a coolness which rippled the lake. A pair of black swans on the water seemed so content with life. The sun was setting low behind my right shoulder. The cool easterly breeze invited me to run on while the final warm rays of sunshine on the right side of my face bid me farewell.

I could have run on and on, past Duntroon and even to the Wetlands but eventually turned at the Boathouse and ran back into the twilight. Only a distance runner could enjoy this experience. It was a gorgeous, perfect day.


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