Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Runners Shop 5k

When I pencilled this race into my schedule I thought it might be possible to run 'fast' (which I'd define as 22 minutes or better). The course now has a hill (due to a detour around a landslide) and a U-turn at 1/2 way, but I'd still rate it as a fairly quick road course. Once again I ran by feel, never looking at the Garmin until I reached the finish. 22:40 — that's a bit slow. McMillan had predicted 21:45!

As a race though, it went pretty well. Wore my trusty Kinvaras again and took off along the beach at the start at what I felt was the appropriate effort. During the first kilometre I gradually pulled back a few fast-starting youngsters and overtook my rival Hugh as we finished the detour. I passed another three teenagers during the rest of the race, not quite getting to Brooke (3 seconds ahead) as I 'sprinted' across the 100 metres of hard packed sand to the line.

I think there were two things that worked against me in this race: I didn't taper off my training over three days as I had for the Gold Coast 10k, and my work hours for the past two weeks have been long and tiring. So I'm not terribly disappointed. It was what it was. My next attempt at a 'fast' 5k will be at the Canberra Times Fun Run in 46 days' time. As a 'tune-up' I'll be running my 28th City to Surf — love that race!

Splits: 4:32, 4:26, 4:36, 4:35, 4:31. AHR 147, MHR 155.

The City to Surf - Australia's biggest race!


Blogger Thomas said...

That's funny, I just read Matt Gabrielson's blog, and his recent 5k splits were very similar to yours, except he was talking in miles. Ah well, we can always dream, can't we.

Enjoy the crowds in City to Surf.

9:54 pm  
Blogger Jog Blog said...

22.40 is good!

So ... your plan now is to do the 14km city to surf (Aug) followed by the 5km Canb Times (Sept) followed by 1/2 marathon in Melb (Oct) - yes? Interesting plan.

If the 1/2 marathon in Melb (Oct) is your overall goal, why not do the 10km Canb Times in Sept??

9:58 pm  
Blogger Lize Brittin said...

Nice job on the race!

The City to Surf race looks wild. What a great finish in the video. Wow.

12:20 am  
Blogger rinusrunning said...

Thats a good time and you never now and you can run faster on the 5k?......geduld ;-).

6:30 am  
Blogger Love2Run said...

That's a great race for not really tapering and targeting it. I've love to do the City to Surf someday...

9:33 am  
Blogger Ewen said...

Very funny Thomas! Mile splits starting with a '4' might as well be from another planet. My PB is 5:05 and that's from another decade ;-)

Thanks Jog. I wouldn't say the Melb 1/2 is an overall goal - it's more of a 'holiday race' in which I hope not to embarass myself. I just like the 5k distance much more than the 10, hence my decision to race that one at the Canberra Times.

Thanks Lize. Interestingly, the bloke who came 2nd in that race (Michael Shelley) is racing the marathon in the London Olympics.

Rinus, I should learn 'geduld' from you :)

Mike, thanks. Yes, plan to do it as part of a holiday down here - you'd love it. The finish is spectacular and it's usually warm enough for a dip in the Pacific afterwards :)

4:36 pm  
Blogger Jog Blog said...

Ah yes, makes sense. I will see you there :)

7:10 pm  
Blogger trailblazer777 said...

22.40 is still pretty good, very even splits at 4.30ish. To run 21.45 you need to find some 4.15-4.20's or quicker. My thinking would be to get used to doing some 2k reps or other intervals at 4.15-4.20 per K or quicker. Sounds like the course was a bit of a factor, and your lead in wsn't the most ideal so thats a great effort. 28 C2S's wow...I thought my 16 Bridges was a big streak. Ive never done the Sydney one, but the Perth city to surf has massive crowds too so much so I dont relish the original 12k much now, I just go for the new marathonoption instead now...All the best with the sydney c2s and your next 5k race!

2:40 am  
Blogger Ewen said...

Jonathon, you've got a point there. 4:30 ks are becoming comfortable (the norm?) for a race effort. I'm just not used to turning the legs over at 4:15 pace, so yes, can feel I'd benefit from some faster work now.

Your Perth streak is a good one. My C2S runs aren't a streak - missed a couple of years through injury and travel. It's an 'event' type of race for me now. 80,000 runners is about 79,000 more than my comfort level ;-)

8:38 am  
Blogger Sling Runner said...

Great run.

Impressive that you run at reasonably even pace (within 10secs/km) without looking at the watch.

I can't do that !!

7:27 pm  
Blogger Ewen said...

Thanks Sling.
You might surprise yourself if you tried. The body has a pretty amazing 'internal clock' - sh!ts all over Garmins ;-)

8:54 pm  

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