Sunday, March 11, 2012

Some good numbers

Thanks to the people who made suggestions on how I could improve a training week. The two weeks since then have turned out to be weeks of 78 and 79 kilometres, doing more or less aerobic running at efforts varying from easy to just below aerobic threshold. There was one 5k race on the 28th of February in which I paced myself to finish ahead of my long-time rivals Charlie and Jim. I caught Jim early (he was having a bad day), ran with Carol for a while (she broke 2:50 at the London Marathon in the 'old days'), then edged up to Charlie at the 4k mark. I could sense he was at his limit so I ran the last kilometre strongly, finishing in 23:41.

I've been enjoying running these Tuesday evening races with something in reserve. Recovery is therefore fast — I can do a normal run the following day — and I feel like this level of effort is building up my training and racing fitness. My next 'all-out' race will be on the 29th of March at the ACT Vets' 5000m Championships. I'd like to break 22 minutes in that race and go as close as possible to my M50 PB of 21:29.58. I'll do some sharpening interval work of the type suggested by Canute (5 x 1k with short recoveries) before then.

One thing that's helping to elevate my confidence are the numbers I've recorded for a few recent training sessions. Numbers that take me back to 2008 — the year of my M50 3000 and 5000 metre PBs. At that time I was running my Tharwa Drive Bridge 8k course at around 700 heart-beats per kilometre. For example, on the 6th of February I ran 42:31 at 691 heart-beats per km and on the 13th of February 41:07 at 694 heart-beats per km. On Friday just past I ran an easy 45:58 (ave heart rate of 122) for 701 heart-beats per km. So that's a good number, especially considering that faster running is more 'efficient' (there's better elastic recoil of the muscles/tendons when running fast). I recorded another good number during yesterday's long run with the Speedygeese. I ran 15k at 5:33 per km (716 heart-beats per km) in which the 12th kilometre was covered in 5:00 at an AHR of 139 (695 heart-beats per km).

The final good number (or silly and inconsequential number depending on your viewpoint), is that today marked my 100th consecutive day of running. Yes, a running streak that started on December 3 last year. I'm not sure when it will end, but thus far I'm feeling fine!

Not quite my best number for the high jumpMy technique for the running high jump needs work [J Kennedy photo]


Blogger strewth said...

Congratulations Mr Streaker. I witnessed your century - great achievement. No wonder you are dancing for joy:)

10:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is great. Consistency is the first essential. Add a little sharpening and you will be well prepared for a great run on 29th March

11:25 pm  
Blogger Girl In Motion said...

Great photo! Congrats on the streak and more congrats on the fabulous numbers. If there's anyone I know that deserves a break and good things to happen, it's you. Sounds like you're well on the way to finding and passing your PBs. Keep up the great running, Ewen, it's inspiring!

4:47 am  
Blogger Ewen said...

Thanks Strewth. I took streaking and dancing lessons from your good friend CJ.

Thanks Canute. If I can bring the speed up sufficiently and be well rested I should be good to go on the 29th.

Thanks Flo. The running you're doing is inspiring to me... I know you're about to run some smashing PBs so I hope to follow in your footsteps!

2:36 pm  
Blogger RICK'S RUNNING said...

Nice to see your running well!
It's always good to beat your rivals.
Looking at that photo I thought you'd found a dollar bill in the grass!

11:04 pm  
Blogger Lize Brittin said...

Great job and awesome photo. :)

2:49 am  
Blogger rinusrunning said...

Nice pic!.
Great running and a fast 5k race.
I think you can the 22 minutes time...

10:14 pm  
Blogger Ewen said...

Thanks Rick. Yes, I've always enjoyed racing Charlie and Jim. Charlie usually passes me at the 7k mark of a 10k. No dollar bill - it was a 10 Yen bill and I was going to grab it for Scott Brown ;-)

Thank you Lize!

Thanks Rinus. Under 22 would be a good sign of progress.

9:14 pm  
Blogger Black Knight said...

100 days in a row: impressive! Your are doing great in the 5K races and your finishing time dream will come true.
Awesome photo!

5:46 am  
Blogger Janene said...

Great work ET! I've well and truly fallen off the streak bandwagon. Lots of missed days, but NZ was too gorgeous to be worrying about streaking ;-). All the best for the 5000m, you sound well on target. Alas I am unlikely to run it this year, I'm still going backwards, not forwards. It will have to be 20:13 in 2013 :o).

9:28 pm  
Anonymous Karla said...

Congrats on 100 days of the streak! I'm so impressed you kept going. I quit at 40. But it's amazing how invigorating running every day can be--that and it was awesome base training. Keep it up!

1:21 am  
Blogger Ewen said...

I hope so Stefano. There'll be no running high-jump photos from the 5000 ;-)

Thanks J. I wouldn't have been streaking either if I'd been holidaying in our lovely eastern-most state ;-) I'll make a date with you in advance for an attack on 20:13 in 2013.

Thanks Karla! The streaking is all your fault you know ;-) Agree the daily running is helping with my base-building. I'm sure it'll pay off with faster racing (one day!).

7:25 pm  
Blogger trailblazer777 said...

The consistency is there. The sharpening and peaking is due, and sounds like the momentum is building towards some serious attack on M50 PB's. All the best with some sub 22 action on the 29th!

1:47 pm  
Blogger Robert James Reese said...

Ha! Great photo.

1:33 pm  

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