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Running with stars

I suspect this could be my last post for the year. If so, I hope you've enjoyed a happy year of running — or at least a year where you've learned something! Running's a game where you never stop learning. For instance, last night at Yelena's 30th birthday party I was chatting to a bloke who is recovering from achilles tendon surgery. His torn achilles (in a soccer game) was caused, he suspects, by training in running shoes with built-up heels before switching to soccer boots with no heel-to-toe drop. The broad running lesson here could be to "don't suddenly do something different!"

I've no more races scheduled for 2011 so my goal of running a sub-20 5k will carry over to 2012. A few recent training sessions have offered hope that I'm not far from the next jump in performance. On Friday I ran a 'tempo' 5k on the grass track at Calwell in 25:20 after a quick 5k warm-up. The HR trace for this run shows 'the hill' on the Calwell track. I run up the hill from the finish line to the 200m start then down the hill back to the finish. It's a very slight hill, but my heart notices it!

12 and a half laps of Calwell
Twelve and a half laps of Calwell

On Saturday I ventured out to Stromlo for a community run with Deek (Rob de Castella) and four of his Indigenous Marathon Project runners. They were in Canberra for a training camp. I was impressed by the female runner, Kelsey Youngblutt — she could pass for Deratu Tulu's younger sister! The group is training to run in next year's Boston Marathon. An inspiring documentary 'Running To America' was aired on ABC-TV about the project and how the first runners tackled the 2010 New York Marathon. You can watch it here until the 15th of December.

Before a run with Deek and the IMP runners
Deek, Joseph, Ewen, Jamie & Kelsey at Stromlo Forest Park


Blogger Paul said...

Ewen. Season's Greetings to you! I've enjoyed my (sporadic) reading of your blog this year - it's been a bit like my running in that sense. Cool you were able to run with Deek and his folks. I saw that doco and loved it. He's a true hard man! Cheers, Paul

8:31 pm  
Blogger TokyoRacer said...

Well, I never would have recognized Deek!
Those shirts are cool.
Have a nice holiday. Good running in 2012!

12:08 am  
Blogger RICK'S RUNNING said...

Hi Ewen I'm impressed with what Deek is doing, great stuff.
Yes we all can keep learning as long as you have an open mind.
The proverb 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' is very untrue!
All the best for the new year.

1:03 am  
Blogger Thomas said...

Cool stuff, being able to meet up with Deek, even if he seems to have put on the odd pound or two.

2:50 am  
Blogger rinusrunning said...

Already a good year 2012 and run that fast times are allowed.

5:23 am  
Blogger Girl In Motion said...

If it is your last post, Au revoir until 2012! :) Been fun sharing 2011 with you, I'm sure the next year will bring more goodness in store. And thanks for the link, that looks like a great show, I'll watch it tonight.

7:00 am  
Blogger Janene said...

Hey Ewen, great photo from Stromlo! It's been fun reading your blog and I look forward to more of the same in 2013. I loved the HR trace and the 'hill' at your local oval. I hope you achieve many running goals in 2013!

11:28 am  
Blogger Ewen said...

Paul, Season's Greetings to you too. I've enjoyed your various Melbourne adventures, but would like more of the running variety and less of the riding ;) So true about Deek - he was one tough mother of a marathoner!

Bob, yes love their uniforms - very cool!

Rick, yes, as well as inspiring the individual runners, those runners are inspiring people from their communities.
This is one old dog that keeps trying to learn new tricks!

Thomas, it was great to run with him and the group. Deek's now into the weights which would account for a few of those pounds. He still runs bloody well - led the group up Mt Stromlo.

Thanks Rinus. All fast times will be allowed in 2012! And for you too!

Flo, think you'll enjoy it... and you should understand the Aussie accents after hearing mine ;)

Janene, thanks. There will be more of the same, or maybe different ;) I'd like the Vets to race at Calwell - I've got the hang of that hill now. There's only one goal for 2013 (12?) - beat you to a sub-20 5k ;)

7:27 pm  
Blogger Janene said...

A sub 20 min 5K - bring it on! I predict it will happen in 2012. I'm not sure which of us will get there first, but we will both get there in 2012 (year of the dragon and I'm a dragon!).

2:55 pm  
Blogger Luckylegs said...

I think you CAN 'teach an old dog new tricks'! Both of us are proof that it can be done!!.... if not this year, then there's always the next one!

Happy Christmas and a good running New Year.

4:46 pm  
Blogger speedygeoff said...

I only managed a 20:16 in 2011 so I think we should all target a 20:12 in 2012 and see who gets there first. The race is on!

5:26 pm  
Blogger Luckylegs said...

Having posted and deleted the same comment twice, I'm not so sure any more!

8:53 pm  
Blogger Ewen said...

Janene, I agree. Bring it on! By the way, I'm a fan of Coach on Survivor and thus, I'm a dragon slayer ;)

Luckylegs, you're not that old, but you have learned a few new doggie tricks in recent years... like your record breaking half marathons. By the way, I deleted one of those repeated comments - your computer needs oiling.

Yes Geoff! 20:12 in 2012!

10:14 pm  
Blogger speedygeoff said...

Fair enough about the dragon slayer comment. I can just hear Janene saying "Ewen slays me!"

10:55 pm  
Blogger Robert James Reese said...

Good luck in 2012! The sub-20 has your name written all over it.

12:32 am  
Blogger Janene said...

ET, I am deeply, deeply saddened that you are a fan of survivor! Being an anti-fan I know nothing about coach and as a dragon I do not feel at all intimidated by some reality TV wannabe ;-)!
20:12 in 2012 sounds like a good plan! The race is indeed on.

9:25 am  
Blogger Ewen said...

Geoff, when I win the challenge she'll say "Ewen has slain me!"

Robert, just as sub-2:50 for the marathon has your name written all over it!

J, Coach is a legend! As is Jeff Probst. Survivor is the only reality TV worth watching.

10:43 am  
Blogger Black Knight said...

Rob De Castella, a great champion!
I never would have recognized him by the pictures.
Enjoy this Holiday period and good luck for the new goals.

7:16 pm  
Blogger Andrew(ajh) said...

Ewen, I've appreciated your thoughtful comments on my blog this year and enjoyed reading yours. Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year and that the sub-20 5km is achieved in 2012!

8:48 pm  
Blogger Ewen said...

Stefano, he's a great bloke too.
Thanks for your good wishes. Hope you have a fantastic run in the Pisa Marathon!

Thanks Andrew. Hope your 2012 is injury free - would like you to be able to do more running and less cycling ;)

9:55 pm  
Blogger Sling Runner said...

Yes, the HR pattern look like HR interval data ! - where the spike is the ON, and the valley is the recovery.

Cool pics with Deek and his project !!

1:26 am  
Blogger Ewen said...

Sling, that's right. Very similar, although peaks and valleys with interval training are dramatic. I think intervals are a good workout for the heart muscle.

9:46 am  
Blogger Black Knight said...

Happy Christmas to you and your family.

9:45 pm  
Blogger Ewen said...

Thanks Stefano! It's the late evening of Christmas Day down here. I guess it's very early Christmas morning in your neck of the woods. I hope it's a good one for you and your family and that the overindulgences are kept to a minimum ;)

10:04 pm  
Blogger Black Knight said...

Happy New Year!!!! I have seen by tv the fireworks in Sydney: amazing.
I wish a 2012 full of happiness and .... PB.

7:46 pm  
Anonymous Julie said...

Wow, how neat to run with Deek and his proteges. He was one tough competitor. Happy New Year, Ewen. We're both going to break 20 this year.

11:40 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best wishes for 2012. I hope that you were able to re-charge your batteries well over the holiday and now that the pre-Christmas pressure at work can be relegated to last year’s history , you can achieve your goals on the track.

1:12 am  
Blogger Ewen said...

Stefano, thanks and Happy New Year and PBs to you too! The fireworks looked the best ever - the 'waterfall' off the harbour bridge was a highlight for me.

Julie, yes his determination and will to win were legendary. He's still in good shape - reckon he'd break 40 for 10k if he wanted to. You lead the way to sub-20 and I'll follow :)

Canute, thanks and the same to you. The past six weeks or so has been a battle. I am feeling relaxed now and looking forward to some serious 5k training.

6:55 pm  

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