Sunday, December 16, 2007

One Fine Day

I have an optimistic attitude to life and running. It takes just one good thing to raise my enthusiasm to a new level. The 5k race at Stromlo was a better-than-good thing! It almost surpassed Mum's trifle! The coming months hold promise of further exciting (and fast) races.

Most runners would be about to review the past year. I'll do that in my training diary when the time comes. In Australia, running for many of us is seasonal. In winter we race cross country and road events, while in summer we compete on the track. The track season runs from October through to March, so at the moment, we're mid-season.

Due to a bout of flu in late October, I've so far only raced twice on the track - the 10,000 metres, and last Thursday, a 3,000 metre event. I ran 12:15.43 for the 3k, so a very encouraging result in my quest to get into the mid-elevens by season's end. Because of tiredness, I wasn't looking forward to the race, but it turned out quite well. With Hadd-training I've done almost no running at this speed (4:05/km), so perhaps it really is possible that training slower will make me faster! I just ran as hard as I could for as long as I could. It ended up being my fastest 3000 metre race since 2003, when I ran 12:02.7. In 2001 I ran 11:21, so this will be my optimistic target for the rest of the season.

I hope everyone's had a great year in matters running and otherwise. If not, try to look forward with optimism! If you get a chance, pop over and wish Scott the best for his marathon in Kakogawa. To my running friends who are injured, all the best – I hope to see you on the trails and track soon!

A small group on December 15 - where was everyone!About 4.5k into the Molonglo group's Saturday morning long run. Nadine, Brett, Barbara, Steve and myself pose while Chris takes a phone photo.

I often walk on this hill to smell the eucalyptus leavesOn the climb up to the Mount Ainslie saddle, Steve leads the way. This idyllic place for running is less than 5 kilometres from downtown Canberra.


Blogger iliketoast said...

No doubt the Hadd is paying off. Wish I could come up with a witty comment ..... next post, I promise.

8:29 pm  
Blogger Superflake said...

I just like to say you have stoked my enthusiasm for the track season since the Marathon finished. Probably wouldn't have been excited without your input. Thanks mate.

9:14 pm  
Blogger Scott said...

Thanks for the thoughts mate. All the best to you in the New Year.

That "optimistic" post reminded me of an old Dionne Warwick song

"keep smiling , keep shining, knowing you count on me , for sure....that's what friends are for" ;P

Ohh I forgot. To anyone in authority scanning this blog we hardly know each other but that Stephen Lacey is definitely a national security risk!!

9:40 pm  
Blogger Phil said...

Those are great looking trails! Your training is really coming along. I don't know what your New Year's resolutions will be, but "Keep Blogging" needs to near the top.

12:24 am  
Blogger Thomas said...

That must have been one seriously good race if it almost surpassed your Mum's trifle. I hope she won't take offence.

3:19 am  
Blogger IHateToast said...

how misleading. in australia, runners have a pouch and eat gu made of gum leaves.

8:36 am  
Blogger Tesso said...

Wow, nice work in the 3000m. A four year PB, gotta be happy with that!

9:29 am  
Blogger Stephen Lacey said...

Nice job on the 3k!

It is an interesting experiment to go right through with Hadd training alone. Personally I think there is a time to bring in some sharpening workouts. The challenging part is deciding just when and just what type of workouts. For a start, I'd be looking at leg turnover/oxygen diffusion stuff like 100 to 200 m repeats. Just once or twice a week.

That camera phone takes pretty nice pics for a camera phone. Must have bought it in Japan ;-)

And don't you have any standards about who you let comment on this blog?

2:26 pm  
Blogger Hamburglar said...

Canberra seems like a good place to train.

I have something of a soft spot for Canberra!

5:40 pm  
Blogger Dusty said...

Congrats on a great race!!!! Such a great feeling to end the year with a good effort that pays off! :)

I'm with you on the little things making my day. The pictures are great - looks like a really nice place to put in some runs!

11:19 am  
Blogger Stephen Lacey said...

Ewen, thanks for the notes and contact numbers. Yes, I am Mr Cangaroo, sometimes Kangaloo.

Email is stlacey at gmail dot com

Thanks for the contacts. I lived in Artarmon for the best part of 10 years. I know a Bruce from Artarmon, but I think he is a cricketer.

Are you going to be in Sydney over the New Year?

7:01 pm  
Blogger Runner Susan said...

Hadd seems to be doing the trick, it's amazing how training actually work.

I wouldn't know.

8:36 am  
Blogger Tesso said...

Ho-ho-hope you have a merry Christmas Ewen.

And a great 2008.

See ya in April!

10:22 am  
Blogger Two Fruits said...

Thanks for 2007, just need to get the injured back on the trails. Have a good Christmas and New Year.

6:17 pm  
Blogger trailblazer777 said...

well it sounds like you Hadd the better of that 3K well done!
A good reminder to me its time I did some more track racing sooon.

All the best in 2008!

3:55 pm  
Blogger Jen_runs said...

I hope you had a great Christmas Ewen. My very best wishes to you for 2008.

Thank you sooo much for all your support & encouragement throughout the year - not to mention keeping me company over the first 2k of Six Foot - much appreciated :)

9:29 pm  
Blogger Dusty said...

I hope you are enjoying the holidays! Wishing you many PB's in 2008!

2:28 pm  
Blogger Tesso said...

New time you see Steve L make sure you give him the traditional blogger's punch in the belly!


4:46 pm  
Blogger Rob said...

Happy New Year Ewen.

11:35 am  

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