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Al, Ron, Steve and myself prior to the KOM 20 milesI have this habit of keeping training diaries. The first one is from 1981, but it's pretty boring. I didn't run much that year. I was stopped by a sore knee after my second marathon (3:28:28). How silly was that? I mean, I only started running in 1979!

My diary from 1988 was falling apart, so I made it into a web page. I managed to run some PBs that year, in spite of training like a novice. Reading it now is a little embarrassing. Who cares. Susan and Katy are happy to put embarrassing photos on their blogs. I'll publish embarrassing words.

I was living in Sydney, and did a lot of running in the sublimely delightful Lane Cove National Park. Years earlier I'd met a group called the River Runners, who ran twice a week in 'The Park'. The trouble is, they ran fast! 4:30 kilometres (7:15 miles) were needed to stay in the group. In hindsight, for me, this was much too fast for general aerobic conditioning.

Anyway, it was good fun at the time. I was fortunate to run with some great people. I miss 'The Park'.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee...have you let yourself go or what!!!

I recognise Mick Charlton next to you but not the others.

Were chest numbers issued by way of the tallest runner given No. 1?

1:03 pm  
Blogger wildthing said...

I was going to say that you haven't changed a bit but after reading the comment above I am not sure you would take it was a compliment!


2:28 pm  
Blogger Rachel said...

Noice :) It's amazing you've kept such detail up in your training diary for so long. It's a treasure alright!

6:52 pm  
Blogger Simlin said...

I wonder what I will be doing in 20 years?

7:38 pm  
Anonymous Steve said...

I wish I'd kept my diaries from all those years ago.

8:08 pm  
Blogger Tesso said...

Ha ha, must be like digging up a time capsule.

Gotta love the tucked in singlet look. And those ones that had mesh for the bottom half, I still remember mine fondly.

9:50 pm  
Blogger iliketoast said...

did you get to make up your own numbers in those days?

10:03 pm  
Anonymous IHateToast said...

geez. i think i lost my virginity in 1988. probably due to the change in weather patterns from all that training in sydney.

10:10 pm  
Blogger Stu said...

Some great past memories there Ewen!

10:13 pm  
Anonymous Judy Blume said...

that's a log. a diary goes like this:

Dear Diary,
Today I ran a little faster today, because Deborah was at the track. I know she wouldn't notice me when she's with that bloke with the Essendon jersey, but I can hope.

I wish she'd just watch me run. Love is a battlefield!

You in Ewen.

10:15 pm  
Blogger Superflake said...

Just come up the week before C2S and get some hill practice running the Striders race in Lane Cove. 1988 my second year in my surf club. Lots of drinking!

10:46 pm  
Blogger mpluss said...

Love earlier records. I wish I kept my diaries from the 1980s.


11:18 pm  
Blogger Sarah said...

Geez I don't reckon you've changed a bit!!!!

2:51 am  
Blogger Dave said...

What happened to number 6?

The River Runners still run fast, I have run with them a few times but I usually run in the mornings.

When I finally get rid of my current lurgy I'll do a special 'park' run just for you :)

9:56 am  
Blogger Scott said...

You reckon those were "embarassing words" Ewen? Still not on the same level of embarassment as dancing in a "congo" line sober, like Tesso and Clairie did recently. At least you can plead exuberance of youth, what is their excuse?

Anyway, I think the following diary entry would more qualify as embarassing.

"LCP - BBQ with River Runners afterwards. 2 x 500ml bottles of metho and red wine. Fell over the picnic table kicked Steve Lavelle (5 mins per km pace)in the nuts for being so slow. Later threw up in the river. Rest day tomorrow, feel tired."

1:32 pm  
Blogger Phil said...

What happened to #7 in your picture?

I'm impressed with your running logs. No matter the age, I still enjoy reading about 17:37 5Ks

10:29 pm  
Blogger Tuggeranong Don said...

I still have my training diaries from 1983-84 and they are some of my dearest possessions.

Rachel said your diaries are a delight to read, Ewen, and I could say that about all your blog posts.

The voice of the true runner always seems to shine authentically through in your posts and I really felt that reading your last post. You have a lot of personal history with running and it really comes through in manifest ways in everything you write.

Great to see you at the Terry Fox run last week.

4:58 pm  
Blogger trailblazer777 said...

cool. I have training diaries going back as far as 1988, but I was only 14 then...

9:42 pm  
Blogger Jen_runs said...

Would love to catch up with you for a coffee this weekend Ewen!

Take care & I'll see you soon

8:53 pm  
Blogger Ewen said...

Scott and Judy, I intend staying sober this weekend, thus avoiding potential embarrassing diary entries. Scott, that was a damn good guess, as I said on your blog.

I'm travelling to places warmer in the morning... Computer access will be limited, so, if I don't see you at the Gold Coast, I'll catch up with what's been happening next week.

Happy running, recovering, or whatever takes your fancy.

9:33 pm  
Blogger Bruce said...

thats some history you've got there. Good luck on the Gold Coast.

8:59 pm  
Blogger Runner Susan said...

and I missed this one? How did that happen?

10:37 am  

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