Thursday, November 10, 2005

A walk down memory lane

I can't remember exactly when I started race walking. I think it was around 1997. I'd do the walk at Interclub to earn some extra points for my club. The points table was a little 'soft' as I could get the same number of points for a 1500 metre walk as I could for an 800 or 1500 metre run and that's when I was running 5:10 or so for 1500 metres!

I never trained for race walking but got by on running fitness and adequate technique. At the end of the season I'd walk the 5000 metres at the ACT Championships and amused Peter Waddell by picking up a few medals. I didn't do many 3000 metre walks but tonight I looked up my diaries and found a PB of 16:16 from the year 2000.

I was planning on racing the 5000m run at Vet's track tonight. Unfortunately on Monday I was half way through training when my left calf cramped. It was a bad cramp! I limped to the side of the soccer field and sat down. It was hurting as I walked back to the car. I had Tuesday off and by some miracle on Wednesday I was able to run.

Tonight I drove out to the track with the vague thought of running a couple of races 'easily' as training. After arriving I decided to start with the 3000 metre walk. It was a handicap and I started with Robin Whyte 10:30 after 'go'. There were only three walkers starting behind us.

Robin started rather quickly and it was a major effort for me to keep up with his frantic pace. I just concentrated on 'sticking' to him. We were having a good race and passed 1000m in 5:40. I moved ahead then Robin returned the favour. I said "how many laps to go?" The reply was "Three." Thank goodness for that!

I managed to overtake down the back straight and stay ahead until the finish. I was very happy with my time - 17:07 - so, less than a minute slower than my PB. It had been hard work. Walking fast is not easy! With the slow six foot coming up I thought prudence was in order and decided not to test my calf in any other races.

I watched Jim run another good 1500 in about 5:42, just ahead of Maria and Katie. He'd been with Garry for the first kilometre but Garry kicked away to run 5:32. When I can get some speedwork happening I'd like to try some 1500m races - they look like fun!


Blogger Gronk said...

I recall at the start of the year being overtaken by a female race walker in Centennial Park. I of course was running (plodding) ! After that I have nothing but respect for them. Very hard work !

4:10 pm  
Blogger speedygeoff said...

I think I will resume my running career doing 1500s. At 10k pace! Because it won't be too fast or too far AND I won't be last.

3:53 pm  
Blogger Ewen said...

So, that will be 6:08 for 1500 Geoff? I may be able to beat you if you run that slow! Just don't run in the fast heat at Vets or you will last.

11:46 am  

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