Sunday, May 22, 2005

Ain't Mount Majura High Enough?

I've entered the ACT Mountain Running Championships. Having twice run and walked the course at least I have some idea of what I'll be in for next Saturday. I pity the poor visitors when they look straight at the first hill and see a vertical-appearing rough track of dirt and rock. We have to do 3 laps of the bloody thing! Maybe it won't be that bad. At least it's so steep in parts that I have a legitimate excuse for walking. When I ran this event at Mount Coree the whole course was runnable. Not this time.

I've allowed myself to be talked into this event by a young runner from our club who's entered the 2-lap junior race. I don't know why he's doing it -- is not a 3000m steeplechase a painful enough experience?

Miraculously the soreness in my left shin has disappeared. My left hamstring is still bothersome but it's not stopping me from doing long runs. On Saturday I again ran at the Cotter. We started with a fairly large group -- some splitting at Padovan's crossing to run the '18'. Debbie, George and myself ran the '15' (mile). I felt pretty good until the 'Ma and Pa' hill. Back at the Cotter Reserve, my GPS map showed we'd run a distance of 23.9km. The pace felt good (5:34/km) but in the 'old days' we usually ran 5:00/km or faster without too much trouble. Must be getting old.


Blogger Luckylegs said...

Sounds & looks like a terribly painful experience...what comes after that one? You'll do it easily, all 3 bloody laps! Can't wait to hear about it, so be quick with your write up.
Loved the poem....can Chickybabe have another one some day?

6:02 pm  

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